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"The Best Job Search SECRETS During Times Of Uncertainty That Hiring Managers Aren't Telling You!"

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* How to write a resume that makes you memorable

* How to write cover letters that make you stand out

* The Must-Do's in interviews you should know

* How to effectively nail your video or online interviews

* How to effectively write follow-up emails that will get you hired

* Top secrets hiring managers are not sharing with you

And Many More SECRETS That People Who Are In Charge Of Hiring Are NOT Sharing!!

Many HR professionals I talked to said the price of this presentation should be well over hundreds of dollars given the tremendous value and results I was able to bring to my clients.

But with over 80 Million people globally losing jobs, 
not everyone is able to spend hundreds of dollars right now. 

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "The Secret Sauce Methodology" is another minute other people will learn the secrets and get the job you've always wanted. After over 25+ years of professional experiences in Human Resources and another 14 years as a career coach, I created this presentation to share the secrets that people need to distinguish themselves and get the job they want. Put the power of "The Secret Sauce Methodology" to work for you so you can quickly and easily start earning a stable income; get that dream job, and take control of your career and future!

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James E. Thomas III

"What Will I Learn From The Presentation?"

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ATTENTION: Job Seekers!

Hi! My name is

James E. Thomas III

Founder and President of J.E. Thomas and Associates 
(A Career Coaching and HR Consulting Firm)

Mr. Thomas is an accomplished business executive with many years of successful experience at varied and notable companies and organizations. He continues to be a guest panelist and keynote speaker on numerous human resources, career coaching, and job transition topics.

He is President and Founder of J. E. Thomas & Associates, a Personal Career Coaching and Consulting firm. Mr. Thomas has been a regular monthly presenter to job seekers at the Virginia Employment Commission offices in Alexandria and Woodbridge, VA. To date, his strategic job preparation presentation has been attended by thousands of professionals.

Mr. Thomas was the EVP, Human Resources & Administration for webMethods, Inc. (a publicly traded software company). In this position, he provided leadership to the human resources, facilities, and information technology departments across thirteen locations worldwide.

25+ years of professional experience spans notable companies and organizations. He has held HR management or senior HR executive level positions at Ford Motor Company, Lockheed Martin, American Red Cross-National Headquarters, LCI International, and 2nd Century Communications.

Served as Vice Chair of the Northern Virginia Employer Advisory Committee (an affiliate organization with the Virginia Employment Commission); the Board of the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia; the Advisory Board of Horne International (a public company); the Board of the Institute for Corporate Productivity ( He currently serves on the Advisory Team for the Superintendent of Schools for the City of Fairfax.

Holds BA and MA degrees from Montclair State University

Contact him at web site:
Find out more about Mr. Thomas on his LinkedIn:

James E. Thomas III
Advisor, Author, Career Coach, Keynote Speaker, and HR Consultant

Find out more about Mr. Thomas on his LinkedIn:

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What People Are Saying About "The Secret Sauce Methodology"

And Many More...

Dear Mr. Jim Thomas, Thank you very much for the sharing/teaching of your recipe for Secret Sauce. It was a real pleasure to meet you today. The presentation and content of Secret Sauce was profound, generous of spirit, and timely from start to finish. It began with being grateful. I also appreciated hearing your own personal experiences and the simple ways in which one may keep him/herself in daily alignment. -Lydia M.

Thank you so much for inviting me to your presentation, this morning. The information you presented will be very helpful to me and all who apply the concepts. -Maria K.

"Jim - I cannot recommend this program enough. Inspiring and helpful for anyone considering a change." -Larissa H.

“Jim is the expert in the field. If you are in the area take advantage of the opportunity to see a maestro at work." -Brad R.

"Every now and then, one may cross paths with others who leave an impact on their life. This was the case for me when I met Mr. Thomas at a workshop sponsored by the Virginia Employment Commission. It was there that he shared his philosophy of life and highlights from his book. Both served to enhance my way of thinking as I entered my transition. Mr. Thomas, thank you for your unselfish desire to help transform lives, both personally and professional." -Debra Giles

"Dear Mr. Thomas, thank you for your recent presentation at the Virginia Workforce Commission.  I was downsized last year and left wondering why my few interviews are not resulting in job offers. It is very helpful to know what hiring managers like yourself, are looking for, and what can cost an applicant their chance at a job. Thanks again-this was very helpful." -Rodney F.

"Obtaining Jim Thomas, Founder and President of J. E. Thomas and Associates as my career coach was one of the best investments I have gifted myself. Jim’s unique philosophical approach is one of open mindedness, and clear unwavering passion to dig deeper, and go further than his peers. He has the skill to focus individualized attention, by seeking and uncovering each individual's core strengths and then bring to the surface and to skillfully align those strengths with that individual’s recovered true-life passion. This is what his coaching/mentorship has meant and done for me. So I THANK YOU for that Jim. You have returned another beached Dolphin into the deep rich blue ocean but not before providing him with the right tools to succeed. Therefore, once again he is turned into an "OLYMPIAN" swimmer and not just another ordinary one." 
-Nizar H. Program Manager

Dear Mr. Thomas, thank you for the workshop on "The Transition Road Map" you provided us today at Virginia Employment Commission. I learned a lot. It is very much helpful for my future job searching strategy. Thank you again and best regards. 
-Girmay G.

"Jim is detail oriented. His ability to communicate across various levels of the company, be it with Executive Management Team to the Admin Assitant helped nurture the open door policy that was a corner stone of the LCI Organization."
-Michael Okomo, Managing Partner at SOTADOS, LLC

"Every now and then, one may cross paths with others who leave an impact on their life. This was the case for me when I met Mr. Thomas at a workshop sponsored by the Virginia Employment Commission. It was there that he shared his philosophy of life and highlights from his book “The Transition Road Map”. Both served to enhance my way of thinking as I entered my transition. He later introduced me to Dr. Wayne Dyer, an awesome individual whose writings and videos have given me a totally new perspective. Mr. Thomas, thank you for your unselfish desire to help transform lives as we experience this journey called life." -Debra G. Proposal Coordinator

"Jim, I am very happy that I attended your workshop. I've never been in a job transition as an adult - or high school student for that matter. I've always made deliberate changes, smoothly going from one job to another. I spent 25 years as a Seattle Police officer and detective - I retired and started my new job the next day. I've never been laid off. This transition lasted over six months. I turned 50 a month before the lay-off. This entire "season" has affected me to my core: physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. As I told you after the class, you quantified many feelings and experiences I've had over the past six months. You mentioned the hiring process constantly changes - everything was new to me and I was very naive starting this process. My lack of success in the beginning was disheartening. Your statements during the workshop of people feeling old and useless resonated deeply within me. To spare you a long story, you made me aware of mindset and strategies that would have empowered me months ago. You immediately helped me understand feelings and frustrations I experienced, and I am thankful for that. When my family and friends seek new careers, or find themselves unexpectedly unemployed, I will refer them to you to spare them of the agony and ignorance I had. They will have the mindset and tools to succeed more quickly and effectively than I did. And I will carry your lessons into my new career." 
Thank you! -Monty


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